Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanuman Jayanthi / Hanumath Jayanthi

 It is appropriate to start with Lord Hanuman Dhyana slokam:
"Manojavam mArutha ThulyavEgam JithEndriyam Budhdhi MatAmvarishtam VatAtmajam VAnara Yodhamukhyam Shree Rama Dutam ShirasAnamAmi."
Meaning of Sloka: The meaning of the sloka is, it salutes Hanuman as the one, who is as fast as Brain and he is equivalent to his Father Vaayu in his speed of travel. He is saluted as MahA yOgi, who won the IndriyAs and known as supreme leader among monkey army as well as the great ambassador of Lord Sri Rama.
What is Hanuman Jayanthi:
The Birthday of Hanuman is known as Hanuman Jayanthi. Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated on different days by different parts of the people in India. In North India, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated on Full Moon day in the lunar month of Chaitra( It comes in the month of March/April). In States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated in the month of Margashira lunar month(bet Dec 16 to Jan 14). In Andhra Pradesh, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated on 10th day(Dasami) in the lunar month of Vaisakham in dark fortnightI(May/June month). If the Festival falls on Tuesday or Saturday it will be more auspicious.
Who is Lord Hanuman:
Lord Hanuman is a Hindu Deity and known as ardent devotee to Lord Rama. Hanuman is known as vAyUpUtra as he is the son of vAyu(Air). He helped Lord Rama in fighting with demon king Ravana in Ramayana to bring back Sita. We start knowing about him in Kishkinda khanda of Ramayana. His Heroism is revealed in Sundara khandam when he goes to Lanka to find Sita. He works as an mediator between Rama and Sita in Sundarakhandam and acts as an messanger to Rama by giving warning to Ravana about Rama. He helps Rama in Yuddha Khandam and distinguish himself as an ideal bhaktha to Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is known as God of success and without any obstacles in his all undertakings. Lord Hanuman is worshipped together with Lord Sri Rama. You can find statue of Hanuman in every temple of Lord Rama. It is said that to pray Lord Rama is like praying Lord Hanuman itself. The sweetest word to Lord Hanuman is the name of Lord Rama itself. He is known as a sincere devotee to Lord Rama.
What to do on Hanumath Jayanthi:
  1. Worship Sri Hanuman on this holy day is very auspicious
  2. Fasting on this holy day as a devotee removes obstacles in all your 
  3. undertakings.
  4. Read Hanuman chalisa or any other hanuman slokas.
  5. Spend the whole day in reciting Rama nama Japam.
  6. By this Sri Hanuman will be pleased and will give success in all kinds of work.
This day is more auspicious to start reciting sundarakanda parayanam. In Astrology, Reciting Hanuman slokas is prescribed as remedies for Saturn planet. It is known that Lord Hanuman helps us in getting releif from troubles which we get because of Saturn when he is malefic in a horoscope. He is known as obstacle remover, worshipping him on Tuesdays and Saturdays gives stregth to acheive success.

Om Tatsat
Written by-Swarna Kesaraju, http://Astroforetell.com